Saya telah mendapat keizinan dari isteri penulis asal untuk meletakkan penulisan seperti di bawah ke dalam post di blog saya. Penulisan ini menarik perhatian saya di mana saya juga mempunyai kerisauan dan keprihatinan yang sama sementelah pula penulisan ini memang sebuah penulisan yang baik. Jika anda juga rasa ini baik untuk disebarkan, ikutilah langkah saya kerana saya yakin penulis asalnya amat berbesar hati jika anda juga berbuat demikian lebih2 lagi jika blog anda diikuti oleh ramai pembaca. Shu n Lan tak amik royalti kan? Moga Allah yang akan me'reward' kamu berdua.

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang, mulakanlah pembacaan anda semua.


Before we begin, here are some questions for us to ask ourselves.

Why are we here in this world?
Who we really are?
Where do we come from?
Where will we go eventually?

Look around us...are you worried?

Think properly before you answer all these questions. If you get them right you definitely get my point before i even begun.

I am very2x concern about our people in Malaysia. Even much more concern thinking the fact that i have kids whom i know will be facing such great challenges ahead. That is why i am writing this entry; to call for a wake up call.... as i believe that IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

As Malaysians, we should be grateful that our country is bestowed so much by God. We are probably among the very few countries that still maintain our peacefulness and prosperity. We are definitely the very few pieces of land out of the 1/4 land of this world that is out of the natural disaster zone. There is no earthquake (yet), no tornedo... no active volcanos... but yet our people also perhaps are the least to show our gratefulness to God.

Just flip any pages in the newspaper. What we see on daily basis are the proofs of our social crisis and deterioration. Murder cases on the rise. Innocent and helpless people like the elderly and the children are increasingly the target. Infants dead bodies dumped in the drain. How sickening is that??? We have lost our human touch. Simply because we disconnect ourselves from the Creator. We have forgotten our root. We disregard our promises. We lead our life in this world as if we are going to live forever. Wake up people... we may die anytime soon!! Do not let our ignorance destroy our children's future... and if we do nothing about this social crisis, we.. who live now, we... who can think, we... who can actually do something about it, is very much at fault!!!!

The past few weeks of my working life in the neonatal unit, Paediatric has been very disturbing.
More and more babies are now born without a registered father. You know what i mean. Issues which were considered norm in the west, is now hitting our nation like mine bombs. Some mothers gave birth to babies without even knowing who is the father. Sadly enough, the numbers are increasing. How can we be sure that these innocent babies will grow up later without screwing themselves up when they know their parents were screwed up. This vicious cycle will continue on and on and on, if we do nothing about it.

Allah says in the Quran that we are His best creation. We are His Khalifs (the leader). So we should be one. Those who can see should lead the blind to the light. Those who can think has responsibilities to be done. Do not let this nonsense to predominate our peaceful nation and to bring Allah's wrath. Lets educate our children, brothers and sisters. Let them know closely who is the Creator. Clarify to them our aim in this world. Introduce them to the best role model in the history of human race - Muhammad S.A.W. By educating them, then only we can activate the whole society collectively, as the most important entity is the family unit itself ,and the individual members it encompasses.

I have more to write, but this is all for now. Sorry for any wrongsayings but this entry is simply a reminder for myself and others. I love my country. I love my family. It is our job to determine the future of the country, none other.

Dr. LanHelmy


Million Thanks to Shu & Lan.

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